Family Investment

Full Sessions

Time Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Let's play, let's have fun and let's go on an adventure. Let's break down walls and take deep breaths. Full sessions allow for so much flexability and it's my favorite way to be. We will meet up at a location and maybe even plan for two. We will take the sceanic route and we'll pick and smell the flowers. This route you can only choose the all digital option because you'll want to see them all. Like a little flip-o-rama, you'll remember each moment so candidly. You can easily expect up to 100 digital images if not more in your completed gallery. 

For my devoted time, editing and print release for all your images it is only $450 and don't fret, payment plans are most definantely available.

Half Sessions

Time Duration: 30-45 minutes

A little less time, but it's not too bad. We'll plan for a location and maybe a second one near by. We still have time for deep breaths and play, so don't fret if you decide to go this way. 


Includes 30-40 digitals w/ print release


Mini Sessions

Time Duration: 15-20 minutes

You're on a role, you know just what to do. Extra time is for the birds, so let's get down to business. Only one location selected by me. Not much flexability so we'll have to stay on task. But, no worries, fun is a must and we will have it regardless of the time. Mini sessions are ONLY scheduled on certain dates, so please contact me to find out those dates. Thank you.


All digitals (20-30) with print release - $250

>>Print release included with all digitals giving you a lifetime to print all images out as many times as you wish and where ever you wish. Digital images given are selected by Crystal. Only the amount in each package will be edited and shown.<<

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