A Little Background Story…

Hello, my name is Crystal Roberts and I figured I would just share a bit of my background. Blasting to the past, the year was 2006 and my now husband (Peter) bought me a Canon Powershot for Christmas. I decided in that moment I was going to marry him. ;) Before that I had a small point and shoot camera and literally would photograph everything; myself, bugs, flowers and other people who would let me. Peter continued to push me to learn more and encouraged me to never give up. I think at times I annoyed him because of how long I would take going to the zoo or any place where I could photograph a flower or animal. Other times I found myself at the public library checking out as many books as I could on photography and delving into them. I didn't really have a plan back then, just truly had a passion for capturing all things and a loving guy that didn't want me to give up.

Going a little bit deeper to divulge that one of my biggest struggles even until this day has been "image." I don't know why and I wish it wasn't so. A part of me believes that's why I even started photography, to continue to try and capture something perfect. The truth is that I always found myself frusterated because the reality is, perfection doesn't exist. I am thankful that it doesn't exist, that we don't need to be perfect and that there already is someone who is perfect. Jesus Christ. He is flawless. But, we are just beautiful messes. Shifting my eyes to see that perfection isn't in being flawless, but accepting those flaws and celebrating them. Being ok and enjoying the newborn babies that are wide-eyed and awake. Taking deep breaths and laughing with kids while they are running and playing and struggling to listen. Focusing on those inbetween moments between families that truly defines them. Capturing that, that beautiful mess has become my focus and it is what makes me fall in love over and over again with life. I love this amazing life and how we all have our own different and unique stories. We all contribute and we are all a part of this together.

My hope for the future is that I continue to grow, to fall in love with life and in love with those of you who trust me enough to capture some of your most priceless memories. I know one day your great gran kids will be looking through your photos you left for them and I truly hope they see a life well lived and well celebrated. Their legacy is what we leave them. Thank you for reading this and I am anticipating your email.

With love, Crystal Roberts