my love note to you...

Dearest one,

My words fail me when it comes to conveying my graditute towards you. But I'll say it again and again, thank you dear one for being here; for reading this and just for your interest in me and this passion of mine that is truly an extension of my soul.

I believe Burk Uzzle said it best when he stated, “Photography is a love affair with life”. Portraits are how we tell our story and I believe there is no story more beautiful to tell than the journey to becoming parents. Parenthood is such a defining moment in so many of our lives and it truly does so many incredible things to us. For me it personally has showed me my strength, my endurance, and just how big my heart could love. It has revealed my weaknesses and my selfishness and it has tested me to the very core at times. It has grown me in the most incredible way and through parenthood I believe I have become more of who God intended me to be. It's quite ironic you see because when I first began, I declared to all those around me that I would never find myself doing newborn photography. I couldn’t imagine trying to pose a baby, wrangle a toddler or even muster the fortitude to get a small child to look my way and smile. But, God was working on me and he knew exactly what I needed. Parenthood. I needed it more than anything to understand who I am and what my purpose is. I know that I am doing exactly what I was called to do. You see every expectant mom with her beautiful growing belly, each newborn snuggle, every toddler I get to chase and giggle with and each doting family is the absolute best medicine for my soul. It brings me a joy that I carry with me through all other aspects of my life. It is also my creative outlet, it fullfills me and it helps me provide for my amazing family.

Looking at my 5 year old boy and 3 year old daughter and you know!?!... it's literally as if I just had them yesterday. Sometimes I don't even realize how much they have grown until I look at a photograph of them and I just think, "oh my goodness!".. It's THESE moments.. right HERE, right NOW.. every moment is so important and the decisions we make are so vital. As we grow it seems the time we are given winds faster and faster... and faster. We blink and it's been years, for some a decade and before we know it so much of our precious time has past. We look around to wonder where it all went and wonder if we did it right? Did we celebrate our life? Did we value it? Did those around us feel valued? Photography is truly the only way we can stop the clock and freeze our most valuable and most precious moments. Did you know Cathy Lander-Goldbery, a licecensed clinical social worker said that "displaying photos prominently in our home sends the message that our family and those in it are important to one another, and we honor the memories we have experienced?" It also shows our children who they are and where they belong. So please, I implore you to take some time and invest in portraits and celebrate the beautiful life that the good Lord has blessed you with. Before you know it your sweet baby will be graduating high-school. Truly it all just goes by so fast. Leave your children and grandchildren priceless images that convey their history in the most beautiful way. Because really.. these photographs aren't for you. They are for those who come after you, it's their legacy.

On a much more personal level, I am a very quite person and lead a quite life. I am very intentional and do most things with deep thought. I'm a over analyzer and have constant debates going on in my head on what the right choices are for me and it can be as simple as what color shirt I should buy. If you see me in public I'll probably been too shy to say hello, it's only when I am in a session that I come alive. So often I feel I'm truly ridiculous, but I know the Lord made me the way I am and I'm so thankful for my good qualities as well as my many flaws. It brings me joy how the Sweet Lord continues to change me and mold me into a braver, better person than I was yesterday. Honestly, the truth about being a photographer is that it has been the most beneficial thing to me in my life. It has forced me to find myself and through it all I have found some of the most incredible people that I would of never met otherwise. I'm going to end this here and just say that if you've made it this far.. thank you and I am looking forward to you contacting me and to planning your session. Seriously, trusting me to help you document some of your most priceless memories is so humbling and truly I could never say thank you enough.

From the very bottom of my heart,