There is so much to consider when choosing a newborn photographer and I know it can be really confusing and very over-whelming. I know finances, style and location can be some of the top things you are weighing in on. But, I would very much encourage you to think about your baby and his/her safety above all the things already metioned. It's important for you as parent, soon to be parents or grandparent to be aware that there really isn't any checks & balance system within the newborn photography industry. We have no regulations or safety class requirements. Be aware that anyone can decide to become a newborn photographer without ever taking a class on anything regarding newborn safety. Because the safety of YOUR baby is the MOST important thing to ME, it is important you know this and consider this when looking for your newborn photographer. There is a chance that I might not be the right person for you and your family and I am totally 100% ok with that. But, please ask some really important questions to anyone you are considering this most delicate task of posing and handling your most precious gift from God.

1. Have you taken any workshops or had any training in posing newborns?

This would be a requirement for me before anyone touched any of my babies. 

My education: 2014 - Rachel Vanouven online safety & posing corse, 2015 - Amber Lee hands on workshop, 2016 - Milky Way Newborn Retreat, 2017 - Erin Tole Wrapping, 2018 - Milky Way Newborn Retreat. Education listed is specifically for newborns and I have also taken children and family workshops.

2. At what age do you prefer to schedule a newborn session?

Most babies are most 'womb-like" in the first 2 weeks of life and this means that this period in time is when your baby will be most sleepy and flexible. For this reason many professional photographers prefer to schedule a newborn session during this time to get those great squishy poses. Sometimes premie babies can go past this 2 week period and still be considered in the 'womb-like' stage.

3. How many babies have you handled and how long have you been working with them?

This is really important because the more time and babies a photographer has handled the more confident and intuned with newborns they are going to be. Being a parent doesn't mean someone is going to be a good newborn photographer either. I will tell you that every single newborn I have photographed has been completely different. I have photographed hundreds of babies and have been shooting newborns since 2013 and still I have to take a little bit of time at the beginning of a session to learn each of my baby's likes and dislikes. 

4. Do you provide all the precious props?

Not all newborn photographers do especially ones just starting out. It's important that the one that you hire does because your photographer should be educated on the types of wraps, props and such that works best for newborns. My studio is filled with one of a kind props that I've personally selected to match my beautiful style that I hope is what drew you to my work.

5. Do you do composites for difficult poses?

Did you know some of the newborn poses are or should be several photos in one? Babies cannot support their head on their own and they should never be left without an extra set of hands very close by if not directly on the baby. 

6. Do you have a studio or will you come to my home?

I do have a studio, but can also come to you home. Some newborn photographers only work in their clients home and some only work in their studio. I am happy to do both however I do charge extra to do a "studio styled" newborn session in your home. That basically means that I bring my studio to your home. For no extra charges, ask about lifestyle sessions. 

7. What about a newborn assistant?

I believe it's almost a must to have a newborn assistant present at all newborn sessions. Especially if any family shots will be included in the session. Some parents might think that it's not a big deal as they can be the extra set of hands. But realize that right after you have a baby can be the most exhausting time of your life. Having a newborn assistant will allow you as the parent to relax a little more. 

8. How do you feel about preemies?

The photographer you choose should know how to handle preemies safetly. They should be flexible if your session needs to be delayed because your baby needs to stay in the NICU however long required. I've had babies in NICU for over a month and after they were discharged I still made time for them and made any kind of adjustments that were necessary to accomodate any of their health requirements. Make sure upon arrival that the photographers space looks clean and don't hesitate to ask about sanitation. Hand sanitizer should be available and used regularly for handlig of any newborn baby.

9. Are parents and siblings included in the newborn session?

Some photographers don't really feel comfortable doing parent or sibling shots during their sessions and some might charge extra to include them. I love parent and sibling shots and the only newborn package they aren't included is the mini session. 

10. Mom's if you are doing parent shots and you have a c-section.

It's important if you are doing parent shots mom that you voice any discomforts you might have prior or during your session. Your photographer should be able to allow you to comfortably sit during parent shots if it something you feel is necessary for yourself. Never push yourselves (moms) during parent posing. Remember you still will have to take care of your baby and it isn't worth standing for too long or holding your baby in a position that is causing you pain.

If you are currently expecting, please contact me as soon as you can to ensure availbility. Know that last minute bookings are occasionally available if your baby is already here.