My Process

Can we toss the idea of perfection? Because it really only lives in fairytales. I want you to remember your family for who they truly are in their sillyness, laughter and imperfection that you so perfectly love.  

When you arrive at your family session with me I will spend a few moments getting to know you, feeling your vibe and how we mesh. If you have littles I will get on their level and see how they are processing everything. I like to spend about 5 minutes just going through the get to know you process. Then it's play. I will want to have y'all tickle, give bear hugs, do the airplane with your littles, tell secrets and pretend I'm not there. I thurst for real moments and my soul burst when I capture them. We will for sure get some of those tradtiional shots that I know family members will want... but I want you to let loose and relax.

Love. Embrace. Kiss. Touch. Relax.

Review my Family Session Guide and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. :) Looking forward to hearing from you.