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1. How far in advance should I schedule my newborn session?

Booking your newborn session in your second trimester is ideal for securing your spot, but rest assured, I never reject a baby due to age. Just keep in mind that as babies grow, some poses may become more challenging to achieve.

2. Do you provide all the headbands and other items needed for a newborn session?

Relax and leave the planning to me for your newborn session - I meticulously curate and style every aspect, from blankets to props. With a comprehensive selection of items provided, including wraps and headbands, you can focus solely on bringing your baby and essentials for a stress-free experience. Your only task is to arrive with your little one and their diaper bag, ensuring they're content and comfortable throughout our session.

2. How do you handle newborns who are awake during the session?

I understand that each baby has their own unique rhythm, and some prefer to greet the world with bright, curious eyes during their newborn sessions. Rest assured, I welcome awake babies with open arms and a gentle touch, ensuring their comfort and contentment throughout the entire experience. If your baby decides to stay awake for the duration of the session, fear not – we have plenty of options available for swaddling to ensure a variety of beautiful setups. 

3. What techniques do you use to soothe and settle awake newborns during the session?

To further enhance the calming atmosphere, I utilize specialized tools and techniques to soothe and settle awake newborns. My Baby Shusher emits a gentle, rhythmic sound that mimics the comforting shushing, helping to lull your baby into a state of relaxation. For added warmth and coziness, I use a heating blanket to provide gentle, consistent warmth throughout the session. This helps keep your baby comfortable and content, allowing them to relax and enjoy the experience. But perhaps the most important element of all is my patience and calm demeanor. 

4. What signs or cues do you look for to determine if a baby needs a break during the session?

If during your session, your baby seems to be unsettled despite my best efforts, I'll take the time to gently soothe and comfort them myself, prioritizing the establishment of trust and rapport. With patience and understanding, I'll try various techniques to help your baby feel at ease, always mindful of their comfort and well-being. However, I also recognize that there are moments when only a mother's embrace will do. If your baby continues to show signs of distress or discomfort, I'll gladly hand them back to you, knowing that your presence is the ultimate source of comfort and security. In rare instances where your baby seems to be struggling beyond what I consider normal, I may recommend pausing or rescheduling the session. Your baby's health and comfort is paramount, and I'll never hesitate to prioritize their well-being above all else. 

5. How flexible are you with the timing and pacing of the session to accommodate the needs of an awake baby?

I believe in honoring the unique pace and needs of each precious newborn. That's why I don't put a strict duration of time on my newborn packages – instead, I let your baby dictate the session, ensuring their safety, comfort, and happiness come first, every time. While I do keep a general time frame in mind for our sessions, I am always mindful that every baby is different. Your little one might need a little extra time to settle in, or they may breeze through the session with ease – either way, I am here to accommodate their needs with patience and understanding.

6. What to do if my baby is cluster feeding leading up to our session? 

I understand the challenges that can arise when scheduling a newborn session, especially for parents of cluster-fed babies going through growth spurts. While I fully support whatever feeding method you choose for your baby, I recognize that cluster feeding can sometimes complicate the session process. If you're exclusively breastfeeding and anticipate that your baby may go through a cluster feeding phase around the time of your scheduled session, I kindly ask that you reach out to me beforehand. I want to ensure that I can plan accordingly and accommodate any feeding needs to make the session as smooth and enjoyable as possible for both you and your baby.  By communicating with me ahead of time, I can work together to find a solution that works best for you and your baby. Whether that means adjusting the scheduling of the session, allowing for additional breaks for feeding, or exploring alternative feeding options, I am here to support you every step of the way.

Any other questions? Don't hesitate to reach out and ask. :) Please note that a prep package will be e-mailed after booking that will given further details on your newborn session. Thank you.

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