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I always have people ask when is the best time to book their newborn session. I typically recommend in your last trimester to assure my availability. If you've waited until your baby is already here, there is a posssibility that I might not be aviailble. I already have October due dates on my calendar, so here is a notice to not wait too long. I don't overbook my calender because I also have homeshool days with my kids.

In other news.. this little cutie was cluster feeding during her session... which usually happens closer to the 2 week mark. She was 6 days old though and decided she needed extra feedings. What happens when this happens? We just sit back and relax and let your baby dictate the session. Cluster feeding can mean that your session instead of lasting 2-2.5 hours, it can last 4+ hours. So leading up to your session if your baby is cluster feeding, you can let me know and we can 1. proceed with the session and be prepared for extra feedings, or 2. wait a week and let the growth spurt slow down. However, out of the hundreds of babies that I have photographed is they are all for sure their own people and there is NO "one size shoe fit all" scenario when it comes to newborns. We just do the best we can and if you've hired the right person, you'll walk away with a gallery full of great shots regardless of what took place.


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